ROBERTO’S FOOD REVOLUTION IN CAGLIARI … Today as a private personal chef in Cagliari reveals: Dinner in your holiday should be an experience . We use simple ingredients, intricate flavours, and delicate textures. Dinner needs to feed your body and soul with every bite. It should be savoured and most of all, it should be enjoyed . Ever wonder what it would be like to have a personal chef cooking tradional Sardinian food feast ? Let us spark your food for one night by the confort of your own villa!

E-mail us @     sardiniapersonalchef@gmail.com

A personalized love affair with the most local, sustainable ingredients we can find, we can make into dishes and recipes all your request or choose our Fish and Seafood platters degustation and our very exclusive :

“ Sardinian Woodfired Suckling Pig Feast for your villa parties”.

Kitchen Basic requests :

Are you gluten-free? Vegan? Do you suffer from food allergies? – no problem! We can make it all, and make it delicious.

Here’s how our Sardinia Personal Chef Service works:

  • I offer a set prices degustation menus or we plan a menu based on your preferences .
  • I go out and shop for the most local ingredients we can find, ensuring you get the best quality food.
  • I come to your holiday property 4 hours before the dinner starts and then I cook from scratch and using you facilities,serve the meal and clear up and do all wash up for you.
  • Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat’s the difference between a personal chef and a private chef?A private chef sticks to one family or to regular customers. A personal chef, on the other hand, does the cooking for everyone who appreciates authentic food.Personal or private chef service will organise your “perfect sit-down meal” or “the famous spit-roasted suckling pig ” with a range of delicious fresh food with the best seasonal ingredients and amazing waiting service.
  • I am also childfriendly !!!

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