Create the festive atmosphere of an outdoor Sardinian seafood paella party or a Woodfired Suckling Pig Feast

Hosting our degustation party is a great way to add Sardinian flair to your entertaining, either a casual summer patio party or a holiday celebration. is a great way to enjoy tasty food, good company, and the wonderful local  weather

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Bringing quality,positive vibes and fresh prepared food into Your own holiday home across the island.

Private/Personal chefs  Roberto Medda and his wife Brigida Paulucci, who previously  worked several years as chefs and restaurant managers in many high standard restaurant in London,also have gained lots of experience working  for the catering and hospitality industry around the world . Today following their passion for cooking and pleasing ,finally have turn into action their dreams and have started cooking a finest  and authentic European/Spanish-style cuisine. All prepared and served with home-style service in the comfort of your holiday villa in Sardinia.

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